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Architecture: “split-data “ lambda listening to “split-data-input-bus” SQS.


When I apply my terraform plan to deploy my infrastructure, the terraform client returns the same message “aws_lambda_event_source_mapping: Still creating” for 5 minutes before ending with an error.


The problem may have several causes. To get more information about what is going on in the terraform backend we can make it more verbose by setting the environment variable TF_LOG to an arbitrary value. TF_LOG=true for example.

Then the issue will appear to you quickly. For me, the lambda was not allowed to receive sqs message. To overcome the problem I added the lambda as a principal for the sqs policy and I added a receive message action.

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C’est simplement le fichier de configuration DNS qui va permettre de résoudre les requêtes pointant vers notre nom de domaine.

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